Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Asad Ilyas

Project Coordinator (Internal)

Dr. Nasir Afghan, Asad Ilyas

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

This project is directed towards developing a Marketing Strategy/ Plan for Arpatech. Arpatech IS a software development company with a very high growth rate. Due to its high growth, it is facing problems in management. It also has reached a level where it requires formalizing things by developing a proper business model, organizational structure, roles and responsibility matrix, and division of Arpatech into functions and departments. Our main objective is to develop the marketing strategy for ARPATECH. It involves development of positioning of Arpatech as a company, identifying their Unique selling preposition, development of business model, development of organizational structure and Communication strategy for Arpatech. Our project scope involves Branding, Business Research, Strategic marketing. Business Model Development and Organizational structure development. We present our recommendations to the management but we have some limitations at employees and customer level. There are only 3 of the customers and 25 employees who respond to our questionnaire and based on their responses we recommended solutions to our client. Also due to lack of access we couldn’t take the responses of their competitors as well. Up till now Arpatech is operating under the Supervision of a single person (CEO) for everything. Arpatech is growing due to personal relations of CEO who the only one is doing the marketing for the organization. They have no formal departments, procedures and allocation of the resources. It is operating like an Entrepreneurial venture in which main decisions are taken by the entrepreneur and resources are assigned randomly for performing different tasks. Jamal Khan (CEO Arpatech) is the major asset and key person for the organization, Arpatech in a current ate totally depends on him and cannot exist without him. He is a visionary person and has to make Arpatech an independent entity which operates on processes rather than CEO Arpatech has a vision to grow Arpatech many folds in the coming years. He has a vision to build Arpatech something like Google. In order to achieve his vision he needs to take Arpatech to the next level which requires changes in each and every function of Arpatech. We students of IBA forked to help Arpatech for developing Marketing Strategy/ Plan for them. We worked on organizational structure. Business Model, Industry Analysis, SWOT Analysis, communication strategies and Marketing Strategy/PIan for Arpatech. We analyze the current state of the Arpatech identify the gaps in it and on the basis of these gaps we have given recommendations. After doing a literature review we are able to identify the factors which are impacting the business in software development industry. We reduce the number of factors to 9 then we conducted a market research based on these factors. Market research helps us in identifying the position of Arpatech in these factors as compare to its competitors. We plotted perceptual maps across these factors and then find the relative position of Arpatech as compared to its competitors. In the next step we did the factor analysis and reduced the number of factors from 9 to 3 on the basis of correlation among the factors then we plotted Arpatech against its competitors on perceptual with different combinations of factors. All this process helps in identifying the gaps and areas to improve. Industrial Analysis and SWOT Analysis is also done to understand the dynamics of the markets and to improve the understanding of the markets. Different tools and concepts are used in explaining target market of Arpatech in detail. SWOT analysis helps in identifying and understanding internal strengths and weaknesses of Ai-patech as well as external opportunities and threats of Arpatech. Currently there are no fixed departments and functions everything is performed randomly to improve this condition we have worked on the development of organizational model. We developed organizational model for Arpatech by keeping in view the basic requirements of incorporating high growth and taking Arpatech to the next level. This organizational structure will help the Arpatech to develop functional departments and within these departments furthers roles can be defined which will help in the formalization of the organization. ^'isiness model covers all the aspects of business in other words it is a complete framing of the business. We have divided the complete business model in to nine pillars which covers all aspects of the business. In this project we have analyzed the current business model of Arpatech, further we have identify the gaps in the current business model. On the basis of these gaps we have developed a recommended business model for Arpatech. In the final part of this report we have worked on the Marketing strategies for Arpatech. We have developed a brochure for them, gives recommendation for changes in the website and the messages to deliver to the customer. We identified the unique selling preposition of Arpatech on the basis of which we customized the Aesthetic appeal of website message of website and further marketing strategies of Arpatech. We design all these things by keeping in mind the factor that all these things synergize to the final brand effect of Arpatech. All this Analysis and recommendations are performed by keeping in mind the high growth rate of Arpatech and vision of the CEO of the Arpatech to increase the size of the organization many folds in the next few years.

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