Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Dr. Muhammad Nishat

Committee Member 1

Dr. Muhammad Nishat, Professor, Department of Economics, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Tourism, Pakistan's economy, Resource optimization, Marketing plan, Travel

Abstract / Summary

This report entails an objective study of the role of tourism in Pakistan’s economy. The study is the brainchild of TSL Pakistan which is an established player in the travel and Tourism services industry. TSL Pakistan provides comprehensive services to the businesses operating in the Travel and Tourism industry to serve their clients better by increased optimization of resources and reducing cost through IT and other distributed system solutions. This study is particularly focused on the future of Travel and Tourism in the areas of Gwadar as well as North Pakistan which boast scenic beauty and great potential as tourist destination but have not been explored and developed further. It also covers the international best practices and suggests how Pakistan can learn from the likes of Srilanka, Malasiya and Singapore to develop the tourism industry and make it one of the major industries contributing towards the GDP. As advised by the clients, the project also includes a marketing plan to market their services.

To understand how Travel and Tourism has been contributing to the economy of Pakistan, we started with exploring the current literature available however, to our dismay, not a lot of research especially empirical has been done in Pakistan to create objective inferences. We did however find some papers which proved that Tourism has a positive net effect on the economy of Pakistan, and they are correlated i.e. growing economy results in the growth of Tourism and vice versa.

To understand the perspective of the current players in the industry, majority of which are relatively new and a few established ones, we conducted in-depth interviews with them and found out that although the current government is focusing towards the development of tourism but before marketing it to the tourist, Pakistan needs to work on the development of infrastructure. Moreover, the legislation and policy formulation must be carried out while engaging with stake holders such as the locals of the tourist spots, the tour operators, hoteliers, transportersand restaurant owners etc. These are operating individually and as industry, which restarted after the terrorism wave subsided, are still quite new to have a business eco-system in place. However, things are getting better as the companies started by the younger lot are creating lobbies and collaborating to increase the size of the pie.

To understand the demand side of the Travel and Tourism industry we conducted a survey from the population sample of Pakistan. Since we were advised by the experts that foreign tourists are still a far cry for Pakistan and domestic tourism is a low hanging fruit, we focused the demand side research towards the domestic tourists. The study was designed to get an idea about the disposable income, interest, and preferences of the end customers. Moreover, an objective analysis of the policies of the current government is also a part of the project. After the 18th amendment, Travel and Tourism has become a provincial matter thus every province must have a tourism policy in place. Keeping in view the results of all the primary and secondary research, the report is concluded with a Marketing plan for the company as well as some recommendation for other stake holders i.e. government and tour operator.

Available for download on Saturday, December 05, 2026