Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Dr. Yasir Mansoor Kundi, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Project Coordinator (Internal)

Muhammad Zahid

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

Although much previous research has been done on turnover intention, the recent change in the employment landscape due to the pandemic and the current increasing global inflation have made it necessary that companies take another look at what would make their talented employees want to stay and not start entrepreneurial ventures of their own. This research in the Pakistani context examines the relationship between implementation of wellness programs and the intention to leave. Furthermore, this research also examines the moderating role of organizational injustice, inclusion climate, performance pressure, workload, interpersonal conflict, respectful leadership, and ethical leadership on the relationship between wellness programs and turnover intention. This is a quantitative study, the hypotheses of which were tested on full time working employees across various sectors. The results demonstrated a negative relationship between wellness program and turnover intention. As far as moderation goes the results showed that there was moderation observed for four variables. Also, all the moderating variables did affect turnover intention. Even though this study might not have expansive current theoretical implications it has the potential to provide for future areas of research and also has a lot of practical implications.

Available for download on Thursday, November 07, 2030