Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Syed Akhtar Mahmud, Visiting Faculty, Department of Marketing

Project Coordinator (External)

Ali Arshad - Category Manager



Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

This research paper was aimed to understand the scope of affiliate marketing in Pakistan, and the factors impacting the usage/non usage of purchasing through affiliate links. For this part of the study, quantitative study was conducted; whereby the results stated that although income, education level and employment level have no impact on consumers buying through affiliate links, but trust and influencer association played an important role in consumer purchase intention. The second part of the study focused on in depth interviews of influencers to understand their motivation behind being a part of or not being a part of an affiliate program, one of the major findings was they want their followers to trust them, and the followers do not trust affiliate links. Other than this, they also mentioned the difficulties in accurately tracking sales and the challenges of negotiating fair compensation, which can pose risks in the industry. The report ends with giving recommendations to the Daraz team on how to improve their affiliate marketing program and ends with a list of potential affiliate marketers who Daraz can onboard to grow their network significantly.

Key Findings

1. There is no strong evidence to suggest that income, education level, or employment status have a significant relationship with the occurrence of purchasing through an affiliate link. 2. People who have bought from affiliate links are more likely to trust affiliate ads and sponsored links and vice versa 3. Influencers have more influence on their followers with regards to buying behavior 4. We have researched influencers with a total of 63,615,700 followers who can potentially join Daraz in its affiliate program, some of them include Merub Ali, Laiba Khan, Aena Khan, Huzefa Khan.

Available for download on Sunday, September 08, 2030