Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Management



Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

Mental wellness in the workplace is crucial to ensure a healthy working environment to boost organizational performance. Many organizations are working towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees as they explore different ways to do it. This research aims to understand the potential of an AI based mental wellness app that is deployed in organizations to aid in improving each employee’s performance through elevating their mental health. The insights gathered would then be used to create a mockup for an app with a complete list of features and pain points identified. First, we gain insights into what each employee needs and is facing. To understand what to offer, it is important to know what to address the obstacles that may prevent the adoption or usage of such an app. The society has major role to play in this as well, as the society stigma may prevent individuals that need the support from seeking it, which is where our survey was able to shed light through carefully written questions that helped us understand as to what exactly our employees need from us, this helped us focus on specific areas to deliver on within the app to address any mental health concerns that may arise. Apart from identifying the pain points and feature set for the app, the wireframes and mockups for have also been designed to give an overview from the design perspective, highlighting its user-friendly interface. Wireframes and mockups have gone through A/B testing to identify any improvement areas as well. The app development would require a maximum of 2680 hours to build that includes everything from development to marketing it. The cost for approximately 2495 hours has been calculated at $70,938 at $25 per hour and would take 5 months to be deployed. The go-to-market strategy and marketing activities have also been suggested that include building partnerships, creating a community, organizing conferences and more. This report covers all aspects for the development and launch of and just requires the creation of an MVP for launch.

Available for download on Friday, August 23, 2030