Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Dr. Rameez Khalid, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Committee Member 1

Dr. Rameez Khalid (Assistant Professor) Business Administration - Academic Affairs Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Quality Management System (QMS), ISO9001, Dashboard, Controls, Processes, Feedback analysis, Effectiveness, Audit

Abstract / Summary

During our literature review, it was brought to light that there are no particular studies done on how a training firm can standardize its process and develop a quality management system which follows ISO-9001 standards. This project can serve as a reference for any aspiring training firm which wishes to develop a similar system for themselves. ISO-9001 certification adds to the credibility of the firm as it is a widely accepted industry standard. It also boosts organizational efficiency and ultimately leads to increased revenues.

The main problem for the training firm was that there were no proper documented processes. This meant that if any key personnel left the organization, then there could be a difficult transition process which may require both time and human resources. With that in mind, the training firm requested for the development of standardized SOPs with dashboards to monitor and observe the activities.

The process involved semi-structure interviews of the firm’s executives, review of participant feedback forms and carrying out a mock audit. The information gathered from all sources were used to produced different iterations of SOPs until the final versions were devised after incorporation of the relevant feedback. In total, 13 SOPs were developed for different relevant activities and departments.

Next, 2 dashboards (operations and finance) were developed so that the relevant stakeholders can monitor the activities of the training firm and gauge the effect of having standardized SOPs. A peer review SOP was developed as well so that firm can gauge that level of SOP implementation for all departments within the firm.

The entire process was not without its challenges, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, this study can serve as an effective outline for how to integrate an ISO-9001 quality management system in a training firm.

Available for download on Tuesday, July 13, 2027