Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Yaseen Ahmed Meenai, Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Project Coordinator (External)

Junaid Jumani (Director of Human Resources)



Committee Member 1

Yaseen Ahmed Meenai, Advisor, Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Human Resource, Restructuring, Efficiency, Management

Abstract / Summary

AGP Limited, a pharmaceutical firm, was founded in Karachi in 1989. Producing and selling medicines through licencing with well-known worldwide pharmaceutical firms, as well as manufacturing and marketing its own products, have contributed to its enormous success. AGP Limited is a pioneer in the development of medicines in the fields of gynaecology, cardio-metabolic, hepatology, and oncology.

By harmonizing its corporate HR structure, AGP Ltd. hopes to discover gaps and achieve organizational efficiency. Its goal is to reduce process complexity and guarantee resource utilization is balanced. This study compares AGP's organizational practices to those of industry leaders and recommends a HR restructuring plan for AGP, along with the reasoning for the changes. The primary goal of this research is to identify common HR practises in the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry and benchmark against AGP’s. The research includes a comparison of AGP Ltd.'s methods, functions, and processes to those of rivals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Qualitative data is collected from secondary and primary sources, and validity is claimed through triangulation. The qualitative research used an ethnographic study design to better understand HR structure by reviewing functions, processes, and procedures through observation, interviews, and focus groups, whereas the secondary research relied on data provided by the company, competitors, and other sources such as articles and research papers.

AGP has a culture that is both motivating and forward-thinking. Managers promote a professional atmosphere and place a strong emphasis on problem-solving. Values that corporate leader stress and withhold improve the company culture. The majority of AGP's employees are long-term employees, indicating how closely the company adheres to a family-like culture (clan culture). The culture is changing towards a more innovation-oriented culture as new and young individuals join the company. In the future years, AGP will be modernized with the introduction of new human resources.

Employee productivity may be enhanced by attaining organizational efficiency, according to this study. This research aids in gaining a better grasp of how important certain HR practices are. Pharmaceutical Companies should focus on appraisals, training and development, job rotation rules, feedback and responsiveness policies, engagement activities, recruitment procedures, and compensation strategies, according to the findings of this study. In Pakistan, the pharmaceutical industry is growing, and these variables will have a big influence on its development.

There is still room for development and refinement in terms of reducing process complexity, ensuring balanced resource use, and identifying and implementing best industry practices for AGP. Competitors may be researched in depth so that their best practices can be incorporated into the HR system already in place.

Available for download on Monday, July 12, 2027