Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Yaseen Ahmed Meenai, Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences


Systems Limited

Committee Member 1

Yaseen Ahmed Meenai, Advisor, Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">B2B Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Systems Limited

Abstract / Summary

The future now is digital and social media is playing an important role in lives of people. Businesses have now shifted online, and social media has a deep impact on the marketing practices of all types of businesses. To flourish in the modern business, digital presence has become a necessity. This research explores how Systems Limited can thrive in their industry using social media. This study has been done to study the impact of social media on B2B marketing practices of Systems Limited Pakistan. The findings suggest that there are multiple considerations for Systems Limited Pakistan to fully benefit from the use of social media marketing. The first finding recommends that the message that is being sent on social media should be structured and consistent with the values of the company. If this is not done so, it could damage the reputation of the brand and since the word of mouth is fast on social media which makes the risk immense. Secondly, social media should be used as two-way communication tool to interact with the customers and build a community to provide brand awareness. Unlike other traditional platforms, social media is not used directly to market products, but first perception of the customers is developed and then customers are drawn themselves towards products of the company which essentially means that social media should use pull strategies of marketing. Another important factor which contributes to the success of social media marketing is targeting. Social media has substantial data about the profiles of users and allows much more precise targeting as compared to other means of marketing. This gives power in the hands to Systems Limited Pakistan to reach their target audience easily and create awareness about their brand and market products. Systems Limited can build a positive brand perception into the minds of target audience and create relationships with customers to increase its market share.

Available for download on Sunday, July 11, 2027