Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Leon Bernard Menezes, Professor of Practice, Department of Management, School of Business Studies

Project Coordinator (External)

Abdul Munam Sheikh



Committee Member 1

Leon Bernard Menezes Professor of Practice Business Administration – Academic Affairs Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Competencies, Competency Framework, Talent Management, Leadership, Employee Engagement

Abstract / Summary

This project is aimed at developing a detailed competency framework for the retail division of Khaadi Pakistan (SMC-Private) Limited which is the leading fast fashion retail company in Pakistan. The company aims at becoming the nation’s premier global retail brand and considers its employees to be the most important asset who will help the organization achieve its exponential growth targets. Khaadi is in the process of transforming its current People (commonly referred to as Human Resources) strategy and is introducing market best practices across all departments within the People function, especially Talent Management domain. Khaadi’s talent management strategy is premised upon a solid leadership competency model for its management staff but the organization doesn’t have any competency framework for its retail team which constitutes to more than 70% of its workforce. Thus, the key purpose of this research project was to understand the dynamics of the retail workforce and develop a competency-based framework which would serve as a formalized set of guidelines and standards to manage talent at each level in the retail division. A comprehensive competency model would not only help standardize talent acquisition and career advancement within the retail department but would also make the entire process very efficient, fair and transparent for both, existing and prospective talent. In order to deeply understand the job responsibilities of each unique position as well as the dynamics of the retail industry at large, the team conducted extensive primary and secondary market research, both quantitative and qualitative in nature. In addition, the AMC (Apparel Merchandizing Competency) model and Korn Ferry model were considered as the main points of reference to form this competency framework. Detailed analysis of each skill and competency is given for the three work levels of the retail division i.e., Sales Advisors, Assistant Store Managers and Store Managers. Khaadi aspires to be at par with leading global fashion brands like Zara and H&M, and the management strongly believes that effective talent management which help enhance business performance and enable the company to achieve its highly ambitious growth targets. Furthermore, this report also explains how this competency framework can be used for employees’ learning & development and also includes some important recommendations to increase employee engagement.

Available for download on Wednesday, July 14, 2027