Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Syed Atif Murtaza Qaiser, Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Committee Member 1

Syed Atif Murtaza Qaisar Assistant Professor Business Administration - Academic Affairs Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">E learning Trends, Foreign expansion, Online tuitions, Key word research, Consumer buying journey, Market Potential, Ease of Doing Business, Composition of Expats

Abstract / Summary

E-learning assists in studies with making and imparting groundbreaking thoughts. You find the opportunity to elevate your abilities and gain information separated from school instruction. One of the superb significances of e-learning is that it assists understudies and instructors with creating progressed abilities. Valeem is a platform that offers this eLearning service. However, the scope of our project is to understand the operation of Valeem and to expand in foreign market which we identified in Saudi Arabia. (O'Keefe, Lynette; Dellinger, Justin T.; Mathes, Jennifer; Holland, T. L.; Knott, J., 2020) For this we did secondary and primary research. In primary research we conducted semi structured interviews and in secondary research we reviewed different articles and research papers to find out the factors involved in consumer buying decisions. We concluded via primary and secondary research that the digital era online education market is growing and will continue to grow. Specifically with how Cloud computing has changed the way; the applications are created and gotten on the Internet. This innovation offers types of assistance through the Internet. (McElvaney J, B. Z., 2021) E-learning is an Internet-based knowledge system. Due to the rise and advantages of cloud computing, the usage of this stage in education, particularly for e-learning, advances consideration by many software developers and vendors. E-learning has a substantial impact on teaching and the erudition atmosphere. The only barrier to students’ education online is absence of social interaction. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is a target market which Valeem should pitch in for expansion. (Sujit Kumar Basak, Marguerite Wotto, Paul Bélanger, 2018)

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