Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Mr. Jami Moiz

Committee Member 1

Mr. Jami Moiz, Assistant Professor, Director CEE, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">, Talent Recruitment, Peakworx,, Job seekers, Hiring methods, E-recruitment, Competition, Advertising revenues

Abstract / Summary

This research was conducted to identify determinants of job portal selection criteria and to study the models that have been used by other researchers in similar areas. Moreover, the objective of this project was to devise a wholesome business development plan for after gaining an in-depth understanding of the business, its target audience and competitors – including market study, HR induction plan, and financial feasibility and resultantly create an effective marketing strategy for

After reviewing several research papers, it was seen that studies existing on this topic can be classified into two streams. A larger group of articles focus on the internet as a source of human resource management with a focus on the comparison of the internet with more traditional hiring methods. Fister (1999), Cappelli (2001) and Freeman (2002) believe that recruitment through the internet brings about a very positive relationship between employers and job seekers and greatly improves communication between the two. The internet encourages jobless individuals to remain engaged in the labor market, which may increase employment.

These views are argued, and some scholars believe that the field of online recruitment has largely been subjected to a lack of research being conducted on this discipline. Jansen, Jansen, and Spink (2005) believes that most of the research conducted on e-recruitment is from the employer’s perspective, where tips and tricks are developed for organizations to find the right candidates online. However, little research has been conducted to understand how the candidates look for a job online and where do they search for this information.

Therefore, two focus groups (one for job seekers and one for job posters) were conducted to explore the perspectives of each of these groups towards online employment portals and to gather insights on how to manage and bridge expectations from different ends of the table. The discussions were rooted in the research question. To further aid understanding on the topic, two interviews were also conducted with industry professionals/experts with market and competition knowledge being major themes.

On the whole, bearing in mind the limitations of time, the project team has tried to outline the key factors that should consider while launching its e-portal along with the areas of opportunity and possible threats. The job portal market is governed by a few major players, Rozee being the biggest. Hence looking at the model used, can overcome weaknesses, and capitalize on opportunities available to achieve its objectives.

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