Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Dr. Ahmad Junaid, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance

Committee Member 1

Dr. Ahmad Junaid, Assistant Professor and Chairperson Finance, CBER Research Fellow, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">LRBT, Trust hospital, Service delivery process gaps, Education gap, Make-shift arrangements, Cross training

Abstract / Summary

IBA had been approached by the LRBT (a trust hospital that provides absolutely free of cost eye care services) in order to help them identify and analyze the service delivery gaps in their process and to recommend how to bridge those gaps effectively.

LRBT was established with the vision and commitment to create a better Pakistan by preventing blindness and several other eye ailments. In hope of this vision, LRBT established 19 hospitals, and 55 community eye health centers and has attended to more than 36 million patients. With an ever-increasing number of patients, LRBT faces challenges of rising complaints from patients due to long waiting hours and queues and gaps in service delivery.

We started out with establishing the research problem statement which was to identify and analyze the underlying reasons for the service delivery process gaps and to recommend measures to improve it. We have conducted secondary as well as primary exploratory qualitative research and have presented our findings in the form of thematic analysis. We have also referred to GAPS model to better analyze and understand our findings and to deduce recommendations.

The overarching gap found is the education gap whereby the patients need to be educated about their role expectations, the minimum waiting time and the expected number of people they are supposed to see based on their screening as the process is highly specialized and broken into different steps. This will help in better utilization of the endless waiting time and would also prepare the patients for the service experience.

In the wake of the limited resources and budget constraints, LRBT is doing its best to keep up the good work for the noble cause of reducing blindness free of cost. Our exploratory research reveals that make-shift arrangements and cross training of existing staff can do wonders for the further improvement of the service delivery process.

Available for download on Friday, December 04, 2026