Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Dr. Nyla Aleem Ansari, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Committee Member 1

Dr. Nyla Aleem Ansari, Assistant Professor, Academic Director PGD (HRM) Program, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Gul Ahmed, Pakistani textile corporations, Innovation & reliability, Captive power plant, Export base

Abstract / Summary

Gul Ahmed is one of the largest and leading Pakistani textile corporations which produces and sells clothing and have a huge export base. The company is playing a dynamic role not only as a textile giant, but has its strong presence in the retail business as well. The textile industry of Pakistan contributes 60% to the country’s exports and Gul Ahmed has contributed 0.198 billion which is roughly around 2% of exports of the total exports of Pakistan.

The report starts with the Introduction of the company and Textile Industry to develop an understanding about the firm. Afterwards, the problem areas and objectives are described that deliver the study purpose in detail. Furthermore, the report is proceeded with the Literature review and Report design along with the Deliverables.

Moreover, the study is supported with the primary data in which interviews were taken with employees of Gul Ahmed that are discussed in Data Analysis. However, the study is ended with Conclusion and Recommendations related to the HR department of Gul Ahmed.

Available for download on Saturday, December 05, 2026