Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Syed Akhtar Mahmud, Visiting Faculty, Department of Marketing

Committee Member 1

Mr. Akhtar Mahmud, Visiting Faculty Business Administration - Academic Affairs, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, Global program, Expert guidance, Trade marketing, Point of Sales Merchandising

Abstract / Summary

The objective of the retail research conducted with Reckitt Benckiser is to arrive at the optimal solution for rebuilding the Vision Pharmacy Program (VPP) such that it becomes compliance driven. The idea is to identify the gaps in the existing program and to design a sustainable as well as a cost-effective tracking mechanism to boost compliance. This requires working closely with all relevant stakeholders including to trade marketers, field force, capability managers, retailers and pharmacists.

The research study, therefore, is based on an in-depth analysis of RB Pakistan’s Vision Pharmacy Program and its effectiveness through retail audit. The research is three-fold; firstly, conducted with the company representatives, followed by retailers and/or pharmacists and eventually with the customers (and end users).

Retail audit is conducted via detailed questionnaire and short interview administered across 80 pharmacies and/or retailers in Karachi. The purpose of the audit is to dig into the retail landscape of Over-the-counter (OTC) products in the RB’s portfolio, namely Disprin, Gaviscon, Strepsils and Durex. At the same time also to identify the branding, Point-of-sale-material (POSM) and to understand the retailer’s perspective to merchandising and branding available at their pharmacies and retailers.

Following the retail audit, a consumer survey is also conducted from a calculated sample size from consumers in Karachi. The purpose is to identify the brand awareness and brand loyalty towards RB’s product and to evaluate the impact of in-store branding and effectiveness of the pharmacist’s recommendation to the customers with regards to Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs.

Based on the research findings, methods and recommendations for ensuring compliance of stores and pharmacies – such as mechanics, resources, data, and investment that is needed for compliance is evaluated and discussed. Followed by changes, if any, are needed for in-store branding through Point-of-Sales-Material (POSM) and Shelves (Dispenser) along with recommendations to improve compliance based on consumers and retail insights with current designs and to initiate a trial in stores based on the recommendation.

Available for download on Saturday, December 05, 2026