Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Yasmin Zafar, Assistant Professor Department: Marketing

Project Coordinator (Internal)

Dr. Nasir Afghan, Asad Ilyas, Salma Mirza


Samar Abbas, Jehangir Ghausi

Committee Member 1

Ms. Yasmin Zafar, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Export market feasibility, International industries limited products, World steel pipe market

Abstract / Summary

Our group decided to work on the Export Market Feasibility of International Industries Limited Products. This project was about studying the African Continent and then picking out the countries that look very promising for exporting the company’s products to. For this purpose, we decided to break the continent into five regions i.e. Northern, Eastern, Western, Central and Southern. Each group member took up one region and was responsible for analyzing it and choosing the countries that were most promising in the region. The project was divided into two phases i.e. phase I, II and III. Phase one was where the initial short listing of countries was done from the region on the basis of analysis of mutually agreed factors with respect to each country. These factors included the amounts of steel pipes, in tons, imported by the country along with its GDP growth rates and other factors. The countries that were selected at the end of phase I were taken forward for the analysis in phase II. This phase had separate criteria which included the freight rates, transit times etc. The final phase i.e. phase III, was about drafting a letter to be sent to the chamber of commerce of the selected countries to obtain the list of buyers and calling the respective chambers directly as well. The project ends with obtaining the list of buyers. This is where the company takes over and follows up on the calls made by the group.

Available for download on Monday, February 01, 2027