Matco foods limited


Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Matco Foods Limited

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

Matco Foods Limited, Pakistan's leading exporter of basmati rice is considering setting up a pasta plant in Pakistan. Our objective is to provide assistance to the company in deciding whether to go ahead, by conducting a market study with respect to determining the current state of the pasta market in Pakistan and determining the feasibility of entering it. To that end, we have conducted secondary research by analyzing the existing pasta industry, major competitors, key trends, consumer behavior, consumer perception tied to taste and aroma, and purchase intention. We have employed a three-pronged strategy to achieve our objectives. Firstly, we understood the task assigned to us, planned our steps and carried out a literature review and analysed the local industry. This was then enhanced qualitatively with an exhaustive survey of stores all over Karachi to understand the availability of pasta, both locally produced and imported and consumer habits, along with prices. This also added to our repertoire crucial qualitative data through our interviews of store personnel. We followed this up with by conducting three focus groups, covering children, teenagers and the people who mostly buys and cook pasta - women aged 18 to 40. With qualitative data taken care of, we set about gathering quantitative data through the second prong of our approach - by using a custom-built questionnaire. This was tested upon a pilot study of 25 respondents to determine cohesiveness, clarity and completion. We then utilized random sampling to arrive at a sample size of 250 respondents for our survey. Having gathered the data, we then set upon the final prong of our approach, which was an exhaustive analysis and arriving at interpretations. Our efforts were ably assisted by SPSS.

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