Building B2B marketing strategy & business development plan for Barqtron


Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

Barqtron Engineering Solutions has been operating in market for past 7 years. They are relatively new to the industry as compared to their competitors. In this short span of time they were able to pull some of the mega projects and created dominance in Karachi. Since they operate in a niche yet competitive market, so they must be well equipped to maintain their point of differentiation in the market. When we approached Barqtron, there were two major issues at hand, their lack of presence as EPC contractors in regions outside Karachi i.e. their carbon footprint and their visibility in potential market. Barqtron being an engineering services provider was technically sound, but they lack the soft skills required to develop and grow in their domain. After first meeting with top management of Barqtron, the areas needed improvement were highlighted. Top management, especially CEO having an engineering background was eager to develop these domains of the organizations, as it will yield benefits in longer term. The project was initiated by exploring the dynamics of the industry and how the organization is working. The services provided by Barqtron are highly customized, so no direct literature was available that is why the project was kicked off with exploratory research which included research methodology used in B2B i.e. in-depth interviews. Multiple interviews of in-house employees, competitors and clients were conducted which provide insights about B2B market structure, their essentials and most important their perspective about current business model of Barqtron. Common themes were identified from interviews which leads to the SWOT analysis of the organization. The SWOT analysis was the first milestone achieved since it summarizes the market analysis and findings in research phase. It helped in evaluating the strengths, pain points and the potential opportunity for the company. These researches drew attentions on other neglected stakeholders of the organizations i.e.employees and to be employees. The Barqtron claims to be youth-oriented organization but unfortunately their visibility in the potential talent pool turn out to be insignificant. The company has seen the journey from partnership to private limited but unable to develop a brand identity in this duration. They don't have a dedicated team to identify the potential growth areas, upcoming projects, relationship building with stakeholders. The industry is highly volatile they need to gear up in to order to sustain in the competition. Till now the research findings have already underlined the concerns. Now the second phase of the project includes, developing the strategies based on potency and limitations of organizations which will add value to the current brand equity. The aim of the project is to enhance the already undermine soft skills of the organization. In order to keep up with the competition and sustain in, longer term they need to hone the other departments apart from engineering.

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