Careem-profiling of bike customers


Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

This research intends to formulate- a customer profile for Careem's Bike service and how the customerprofile can add the ride hailing service company in better marketing towards its potential customers in the coming years. The research was conducted in a systematic way by using secondary research sources along with primary research tools like focus groups and onlineadministered~~ rveyquestionnaire. Initially,the secondary research covered by the dynamics of the ride hailing service, its meteoric rise in the Pakistani market and the outlook of the industry. Following that, secondary research aidedus-inidentifyingthe potential size and lifestyle pattern of the existing target group in Pakistan that comprisedof teens, young adults and middle youths. This completed the demand side of the ride hailing service. To understand the supply side and its potential, the bike motor bike usage dynamicswere explored during the secondary research phase. Primary research incorporated both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Focus groups were conductedto cover the qualitative side and understand the lifestyles and behavior of the potential target market belonging from different localities and socio-economic class (SEC) residing in _Karachi.The primary research also encompassed the present consumption pattern of ride hailing services,the potential of Careem Bike services and the marketing channels that can be employed to marketthis service effectively. On the other hand, quantitative research aided us in measuring theamountoftime and purpose of smartphone usage. As Careem is a smartphone app, this helped us in identifyingvarious platforms and techniques to advertise Careem Bike service. Statistical analysiswas done on MS-Excel by applying various filters and formulas to analyze the data and present in an effective manner. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative research aided us in identifyingthe key routes along with potential customers and the fmancial impact of these potential rideson Careem.

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