Business feasibility plan for office furniture industry Pak carpet industries (PCI)


Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

This research project is conducted for Pak Carpet. Industries (PCI Pvt. Ltd.) as part of the MBA Project at IBA. The report pertains to Pak Carpet Industries' (PCI Pvt. Ltd.) plans to diversify into the Office Furniture Industry and recommends a business feasibility plan to support it. The business feasibility plan comprises of the Marketing and Sales strategy, Operational/Supply chain recommendations and a financial plan to support the business case of investing in the office furniture venture, The structure of the report is based on the business plan template provided by the client (PCI Pvt. Ltd.), to be followed. At the start of every section, there are some instructions regarding the information to be obtained and presented for that section. There are questions that have been specifically answered and worksheets that have been filled (on the request of the client), followed by a detailed explanation of the proposed concepts. Relevant documents such as the questionnaire, transcriptions, and financial plan are appended in the annexes section. Primary research involving qualitative and quantitative techniques have been used to gather insights about the dynamics of the office furniture sector including the competitive landscape and the target market. segments. The collected data is thoroughly analyzed and a business model/plan has been developed, which will allow PCI to market, sell and target to the right customers. In terms of scope limitations, our findings are limited to the interviews and surveys that have been conducted apart from the information provided by the client. However, our .recommendations provide a reasonable level of assurance to PCI, regarding the business viability of the office furniture venture.

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