Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Yasir Mansoor Kundi, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This executive summary provides an overview of the findings, conclusions, and recommendations derived from the analysis of the relationship between coaching, turnover intentions, and the mediating role of job satisfaction, sense of belonging, job satisfaction, happiness at work, feedback and career development. The study is done in context of Pakistani Corporate Sector. The project aimed to address the problem of high turnover attrition rates, explore the impact of coaching on employee turnover intentions, and examine the mediating and moderating effects of sense of belonging, job satisfaction, happiness at work, feedback culture and career development. The Pakistani corporate sector faces the challenge of high turnover rates impacting organizational stability and productivity. Primary research through literature reviews was used to develop questionnaires. Questionnaires were used to collect data on mediating factors of job satisfaction, sense of belonging, job satisfaction, happiness at work, feedback, and career development. Data analysis revealed that an indirect relationship between Coaching and Employee turnover intention can be established using the mediating factors. Recommendations were formulated based on these findings to address employee turnover intention through coaching. They include Implementing comprehensive coaching programs, cultivating a feedback culture using 360-degree feedback, initiating employee well-being programs like flexible working hours, wellness programs etc. Implementing these recommendations can improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover intentions, and cultivate a more engaged and productive workforce in the Pakistani corporate sector.


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