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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

In this research report the dairy industry of Karachi is studied deeply to identify the problems which hinder the availability of fresh and pure milk at competitive price. Study is being carried out with the help of a detailed questionnaire and focus group to have the correct and in depth knowledge of dairy practices in farms in Karachi.

After the survey main problem identified is the farmer's unawareness of modem .techniques and carelessness of farmers towards animal's health. Milk production quality and quality is directly related to animal's feed but, unfortunately, low nutrition level feed is being served to animals just because of lack of knowledge. Maintaining records have a major impact in dairy but majority of the farmers also have no tendency to maintain proper records. There is no focus on production quality and animal health. Worker's socio-economic condition is also very poor.

There are many steps that can be taken without any assistance from government sector. For example knowledgeable people may start awareness campaign for dairy farmers on social media. There are also the opportunities for entrepreneurs to offer shared farming sheds for small farmers to achieve economy of scale. Similarly there is a potential in market to make silage in suburban or rural area and supply in Karachi. The study is first of its kind and also expected to provide insights into future research opportunities for improving the effectiveness of the dairy industry of Karachi.


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