Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Muhammad Wasif, Visiting Faculty, Department of Management

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

A corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (RPPA) is a contract between a power producer (energy seller, developer) and a consumer (energy buyer) to purchase renewable electricity for a certain price and duration. Pakistan is blessed with natural resources including Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar). Therefore, there is huge potential for on-site and off-site RPPAs.

I have conducted a comprehensive research study on the Pakistani RPPA market, in which I interviewed various stakeholders such as buyers, sellers, legal and commercial consultants, and other relevant parties. Using a semi-structured interview approach, I have analyzed the data through qualitative coding methods. Through this process, I have identified themes and patterns in the data, allowing me to highlight key issues in the market. In addition to conducting primary research, I have also conducted secondary research on the RPPA market and related industries in other parts of the world. The adoption of corporate renewable power purchase agreements (RPPAs) in Pakistan faces several barriers. These include policy and regulatory challenges, technical & operational obstacles, financial limitations, lack of awareness & understanding, and political & security risks. Overcoming these barriers requires collaboration between lawmakers, businesses, and renewable energy developers. Enablers for the growth of the RPPA business and the transition towards sustainable decarbonized power include technological advancements, local manufacturing of renewable equipment, investment in grid infrastructure, green finance support, clarity on input costs, open access and promotion of renewable energy certificates, introduction of carbon tax, and the establishment of efficient energy markets.



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