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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Doctors are usually concerned about the quality of generic drugs, and possible liabilities connected with their use, therefore; we examine the attitudes of Pakistani Physicians towards generic drug prescribing.

This study not only evaluates practice of Physicians to prescribe generic drugs but also compare it with General Practitioner in Karachi. The findings shows that in both specialties (Physicians & GPs) prefer to prescribe generic drugs because of more academic detailing as sales representative of generic companies visited them many times in month to remind / update them on generic drugs.

In this study we focus five areas that affect doctors prescribing habit of generic drugs. Our research concludes that only in one area having similarities between both that is “Under which condition do you prefer to prescribing generic drugs to the originals”.

In addition to above, generic drugs companies also conducts local trial of their drugs at doctors / hospital level to show the effectiveness of their drugs compare to the original drugs Moreover doctors (GPs) rated least to the Better marketing / Availability option as sales representative visited them so they usually make sure the availability of drugs at doctors nearby pharmacy but in the case of Physician it is reversed.

Many pharmaceutical companies influence doctor’s decision in prescribing generic drugs as they visited them many times in month. As far as information provided by the pharmaceutical companies to the doctors, agreed both specialties (Physicians & GPs) that both brand drugs as well as generic companies provide unbiased data about drugs, but branded drug companies are more ethical in this regard.



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