Rabel Ahmed


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Broadband industry is very competitive in large cities of Pakistan. It was till 2006 that PTCL has monopoly in the broadband industry. After ward due to the policies of ministry of Information technology and regulatory initiatives of PTA wireless technologies were introduced which then started to capture the share of PTCL in broadband industry. Such steps also forced the PTCL to allow the other operators to utilize its copper network and physical resources to provide the broadband services. Currently the market of broadband in large cities of Pakistan is saturated and product is going to be undifferentiated. In these cities PTCL can only success through effective positioning by utilizing the brand names of MAXCOM which PTCL has acquired in near past and UFONE. Most of the operators have also defined their niche segments. In order to compete in niche PTCL also introduce EVDo and VDSL technology. There is still potential in other cities where these operators have still not initiated there business. To initiate business in 98% of these areas, huge resources and capabilities are required like diverse human resource and huge capital investment. To take provide the advantage of telecom services to underserved and rural areas, government of Pakistan launched Universal serial fund. PTCL due to its resources and capabilities has also got 63% share in broadband segment. Wireless technologies are providing to be effective subsWute for the broadband of PTCL. By merging the switching department with operations department, PTCL can effectively provide the quality of services to subscriber. And by shifting Its most of the network on Optical Network Units, utilizing the brand name of MAXCOM and UFONE, PTCL can cut its long term expenditures and acquire the operators who are relying on the network of PTCL. 'li., !ic-iki t(i ii'ie future



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