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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This project report is based on the succession planning and its implementation in the banking sector of Pakistan. The importance of succession planning cannot be neglected as most financial institutes such as banks have high market credibility and the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the leader of these organizations. The CEO or Managing Directors are the key position that are identified as the most important personal on the team who act as the leaders.

Nothing is permanent is this world, the banks have realized that a successor should be recognized before the need of replacement in known or uncertain circumstances, thus the responsibility lies

over the head of human resource department to identify the potential successor by analyzing the required experience, qualification and necessary requirements of the position.

Retirement of a CEO of executive director can be seen and planning but there are cases of employees quit their job or high retention ratio as a result of market competition the succession planning come into action and the board of directors are responsible to appoint a suitable replacement or assign an interim director who shall carry out the commitments and current projects as planned. Therefore it is essential for the HR department to have succession policies well documented and ensure that all employees understand them and also the board of directors review them at least once a year.



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