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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

With the expansion of international trade, several countries reduced operating expenses by centralizing multiple international and domestic business portfolios into one hub / platform. The development on the hub / platforms of the international trade financing supports the operating concentrations. However, few study discussed the operating concentrations really enhance the work efficiency and synergy effect but also create pressure or burden on the staff too. Therefore, this paper focus on the issues in Bank A1 Habib Limited argued that if bank wish to remain as a leader in the international trade financing business in the long term must consider the recommendations and suggestions, given in the paper, on centralizing international trade finance operations. This study evaluates the staffs' satisfaction on centralizing the operations of international trade financing by sampling on Bank A1 Habib Limited (BHL). Bank Al Habib (BHL) is the leading commercial bank in Pakistan having high chunk of business of corporate, S.M.E and Individuals which processed through its business hub called Centralized Processing Unit (C.P.U). After finishing the study we have found out the good way to achieve high staffs’ satisfaction at Bank Al Habib (BHL) centralized processing unit. In additions it also provides the appropriate model that Bank Al Habib can apply at Centralized processing unit in order to bring better services for customers.



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