Arsalan Aziz


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Globally energy crisis has become a severe issue and hurdle in economic growth of countries, especially for developing countries. Severity of energy crisis is affecting at both at micro and macro levels of economy in Pakistan in form of low economic growth and shortage of Gas & electricity for public. Consequently, energy conservation has become an important requirement of this time.

LED bulbs are energy efficient devices and can play major role in conservation of energy because of its less energy consumption compare to energy savers and incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs almost consume 30 to 40 percent less energy than energy savers and also do not have any environmental threat. However, LED bulbs are high price compared with other types of bulbs because of innovative technology. Researches are going to reduce its cost for volume selling.

The research results are indicating reasonable potential for LED bulbs in Karachi. However, because of its high price it is not affordable for low income group households. Interest of industrial customers was also in favor of LED bulb use for conservation of energy.

LED Bulb manufacturing is not feasible in the country because of its high cost and skilled labor requirement. But collaboration with manufacturers in China can be established easily and on reasonable cost. Import of LED bulbs is also feasible because of nonexistence of any custom duty and VAT. Secondly manufacturer is also offering endorsement of local brand name on bulbs.

Alternate energy sources are also attractive business because of its increasing demand in high income group, respondents of income above PKR. 40,000/- preferred LED bulbs in survey. Through integration of LED Bulbs import - Green technology and alternate energy solution, strong business plan was designed for lifelong sustainability and growth.

Strong product placement and knowledge awareness would help in getting large market share and will also give first mover advantage at this time.



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