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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Over the years organizations have developed various ways and means to ensure that whatever actions they take are very well conceived. Global companies go one step ahead and benchmark one entity with that of the other and create regions and zones of similar markets in order to benefit from the experience and hedge the risks of execution.

GSK being a global leader in research, pharmaceutical branding, vaccines and prescription based products also has diversified portfolio of Consumer Goods. This business segment adds a distinct dimension to the company; however, the focus remains on Consumer Healthcare, The division has had robust growth over the years and the success is being replicated in various different markets. Brands like Lucozade. Ribena, Boost, Horlicks, Sensodyne, Acquafresli have provided GSK with competitive leadership in various consumer segment categories.

The launch excellence achieved has mainly been driven by the quality of the research based healthcare products and the various consumer preference tools employed by the company the years. These tools include but not limited to customer surveys, need analysis, competitor benchmarkIing, etc. Furthermore, GSK holds distinct competitive advantage of confidence by the Healthcare Professionals in terms of the quality of the product.

Keeping to the usual highest standards in terms of quality of execution, the company launched a brand in^a new and nearly untouched category of Oral healthcare. The launch turned out to be highly successful considering that learning and local consumer research.



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