Ali Jiwani


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The funds are scarce, competition is increasingly fierce. In order to economically survive, hospitals must increase their patient numbers, increase performance, improve quality and simultaneously reduce cost. As an experienced provider for hospitals, we know their needs, processed and their goals. In this regards, we have worked and decided to introduce custom procedural kits and trays. We will offer them kits that contain all/most of the tools required to carry out a procedure. Be it Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic, Monitoring, Clinical lab, Life science research. Standard kits are common. But somewhat hospitals and surgeons are dissatisfied with requirements. They all need different types. They all have different sizes, qualities, budgets, requirements & etc. This varies because of various reasons. All doctors have different hand sizes so some sizes suits some and others other. Hospitals are spread over different areas and regions having various types of clientele varying from all ages. Each hospital is made with a different perspective and for different and therefore their needs and requirements vary accordingly. them. Every hospital and surgeon has his/her own some reason, Custom kits are somewhat less common but strongly favored in some accounts as customized kits and trays are customized for each “CUSTOMER”. Practically it’s easy for the hospitals (its management and the procuring department) to deal with one customer for almost all their requirements rather than going and searchintr for various different small and big venders. Managing stocks and records of so many individual Products and aixanging them, working out their payment procedures and their MOQ’S (minimum order quantities) is not that simple. Usually purchasers sit back late, rush to offices early in the morning, on holidays just to ensure that not a single small item is out of stock. Because even the shortage of a small thing likes a needle or glove can cause unexpected har and may cause delay or hanii to a valued patient. Sterilization is also, machines have lived their life m a major issue as in majority of the hospitals of Karachi either they old are not in working conditions. And buying sterilizers is a heavy or burden on the accounts. But without this it is not practically possible to carry out any procedure especially in the OT. Because of all these reasons the hospitals and their CSSD incharge & management will prefer to buy CUSTOM PROCEDURAL KITS AND TRAYS rather than going through all the hassle.



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