Arij Awais


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Unilever is the leading marketing company in Pakistan. It is of paramount importance that Unilever "k'eeps itself abreast with the changing attitudes and trends in the lives of its consumers. Unilever operates in many categories which require a market development role for example fabric conditioner, hand wash, conditioners etc. This can only be done by understanding the current needs of the consumers and educating them on the brands that Unilever offers.

Beauty products like hair conditioners, face wash and lotions are very poorly penetrated markets in Pakistan. Lack of education about the method of use and the benefits of use are key barriers to entry. Unilever needs to further understand how to get these consumers on the newer platforms. Pakistani consumers have little to no beauty regime. Establishing a basic regime for these consumers would result in incremental business for Unilever.

Personal Care is an emerging category in the Pakistani market, hence it is important for Unilever to have an in-depth understanding of this category. This study was undertaken by me to serve the following purposes:

1. To understand what consumers meant by beauty.

2. Evaluate the current beauty regime of consumers.

3. Identify triggers and barriers for these categories (FW, Conditioners, Lotions/creams)

4. Identify their needs from a beauty product.

5. Gauge their response to current activity mechanics.



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