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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

One of the main reasons of conducting this research is to investigate the problems associated with the current use of CRM in Allied Bank Limited by performing some in- depth study and analysis.

In this research, majority of the surveyed population was not satisfied with the services provided by ABL. The information was gathered through a questionnaire which focused on different features related to banking industry. The features included service charges , non banking benefits, interest rate etc.

It was observed that ABL was not able to convince their customers on the above mentioned attributes but also it was a great disappointment to know that the customers were not willing recommend ABL to their friends and relatives as their needs were not fulfilled by ABL.

In order to implement CRM system successfully, ABL must apply policies, processes, and technologies in order to provide a personalized and engaging experience which would be consistent across all customer interactions.

To summarize, maintaining better relationships both internally (employer with employees) and e externally (bank with c customers) is always considered as an advantage for banks to participate in the future and to sustain their position in the marketplace. The proper use of CRM systems help banks to maintain relationships with customers but in order to maintain relationships between employer and employees, ABL needs to adopt the design principles of socio-technical theory within the organization in order to enhance its performance.



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