Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

With global international banking is evolving, every bank is introducing the new ways of transactional banking so that bank creates the stickiness with the client as much as they can.

Initially the banks introduced ways that will require minimal change from their existing sales pitch order to fulfill the requirements and services for their valuable clients.

In this initial implementation, Straight2Bank for CORPORATES/SME/COMMERCIAL will be introduced in a way that will require minimal change from your existing sales, fulfilment & services

practices already in place to support Straight2bank Classic. Straight2Bank for CORPORATES/SME/COMMERCIAL will be introduced alongside Straight2Bank Classic such that as a result of your needs-based-conversations, Straight2Bank Classic will remain a viable proposition for clients identified as having more sophisticated requirements such as OAF &/or Receivable Services.

Cash conversion cycles require closely fitting financial supply chains if they are to work at their maximum level of efficiency. With corporate treasuries evolving fast bank can no longer add competitive value just with new products. Instead, they must build multi-product solution unique to the client. It takes time and resources but it is the only option.



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