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MBA Executive Research Project

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TRG is all about providing services to customers who may either be too busy in maintaining their operations, or handling customers is just not their thing. Whereas TRG on the other hand is dedicated to providing the top level customer service to the customer's customers. At TRG, the aim is to reach the highest possible service levels in quality standards, as well as quantity of customers happily served in the lowest possible time.

TRG has two divisions, the software 'Tech' department and the Call Center department. This report deals with the call center department, specifically the Telenor Call Center department. Telenor has been associated with TRG since its inception In 2002. The program has grown from a mere 50 seats to a massive 500 seats.

Telenor, one of Pakistan's most popular and leading wireless providers in the industry today has experienced exponential growth since the launch of Its services in 2004. Using the existing Telenor base as a spring board, TRG is committed to offer its services to help sustain, develop and enhance the business life cycle for Telenor.

In light of this, TRG ventured into Inbound and Outbound Customer Service with Telenor In 2007.

With a cost-effective rate, contact center Industry expertise and experience, technological advances and natural flair of customer service; TRG is confident in acting as the one stop solution to addressing Telenor's needs and requirements w.r.t. Customer Services.


1. To facilitate cost-effective Outbound and Inbound customer service by outsourcing calls to TRG

2. To hire, train and deploy highly qualified, professional agents who will handle inbound calls and to equip them with basic customer service orientation (as defined by Telenor) about Telenor. TRG does not require Telenor's approval to select and hire agents. In the event any agent leaves, TRG must provide a replacement according the toe auto backfill policy defined In the agreement. It is TRGs responsibility to make available the required number of agents in accordance to the set timelines agreed In the main agreement.

3. To provide support by answering and resolving Telenor queries. This will extend to the users of the service.

4. Retention/win back of consumers wishing to cancel their services and switch to different providers.

5. To cater to Inbound customer service/Infomercial and complain calls


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