Ahmad Faraz


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Climax Export Shipping Suite is the most economical and widely used software in the freight forwarding industry across Pakistan. It is built locally by Office Automation Services, whose business model is based on software rental. The USP of the software is the price, customization, user’s availability and easy access of the vendor. The software vendor doesn’t provide a hard copy of the user’s manual, which makes its learning very challenging for a naïve user. The objective of choosing this topic is to do detail study of the software and the current job processes at Seagold and to optimize them by at least 10% in the CSD and the documentation departments, Secondly, conduct cost analysis of the respective departments to figure out how much improvement will be made through this project.

After the completion of the project, lots of duplication of the processes will be removed in the booking and in documentation department, which will result in reduction of work force by two people in each department, thus will save the company around Rs 1791,904 per year for laying off four Climax user, assuming that the Climax user cost Rs 35,248 on average to the company in each respective departments. The system will be optimized by more than 10% once manual and system assisted processes will be moved to system generated.



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