Ashar Hussain


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Warid, Pakistan being a Telecom firm is currently operating over more than 7,000 destinations in Pakistan. Like any other company, Warid also has its vision, mission statements as well as a properly defined organizational hierarchy. Owned purely by the Abu Dhabi Group of companies. World has launched its services in Pakistan, Uganda and the Republic of Congo. The company has been providing its cellular services in Pakistan since May, 2005. Its sister concern company is known as Wateen in Pakistan.

Ail the other operators of Telecom services in Pakistan have switched to 3G technology whereas, Warid has not opted these 3G technology. This is the crucial point where employees are at a stake. Not moving towards a better technology directly affects employee’s motivation, performance and productivity. There’s also hype about Warid, being able to launch 4G technology in next couple of months. The final decision making still rests with Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA).

Warid is famously known for its sheer commitment shown to its employees. This is done through motivating them, encouraging them to be more productive and innovative. The company has also developed such a warm and disciplined culture for nurturing its employees to get the maximum output from them in the form of enhanced performance levels and motivation.

The purpose of carrying out this research is to explore human resource department of Warid and its various policies and procedures to assess employee's performance level and the extent to which they are kept motivated in the firm. Focusing more on the details, this project report is also aimed at meeting all the objectives set prior to the research methodology. Problem statement is thoroughly analyzed and various tools and tactics to motivate employees and assess their performance through performance appraisal methods have been discussed in this report. A blend of both quantitative as well descriptive studies is being conducted by setting up a sample size, formulating hypothesis, taking interviews and devising solutions/recommendations to conclude. All such step-wise process has altogether helped in the making of this research report.



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