Qudoos Hafeez


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research paper is designed to find out the increasing of generic market and its impact on the growth of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. The utilization of nonspecific meds today is everywhere and an important discussion happening. Energetic exchanges at the drug store counter with respect to the appropriateness of apportioning nonexclusive medicines are less normal than they used to be. A consolidation of components has been in charge of the pattern of expanded nonspecific use in the different countries. The close of licenses, developing markets, a maturing populace, the expansion of endless sicknesses, and the endeavors of governments and human services administration suppliers have all helped the expanded utilization and acknowledgement of nonexclusive medications.

In Pakistan trend is so high and moving towards capturing the whole market and now industries are emerging to counterfeit the troubles and hurdles coming to control the generic market and its impacts. Multinational companies are similarly facing the same issue and having disturbance happening by generic market. In this paper it will be discussed that what impacts is occurring and how generic market impacting the multinational Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. In this paper background and problem will be discussed and it will be explained through different research by applying research approach that is appropriate for this topic. Different calculations and analysis would take part in this research paper which will support the statement of researcher. In this paper different practices and journals are taken for example and by which the whole research paper will be explained logically in detail.



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