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World is changing every day every second. People round the globe are moving bringing diversity at workplace. Unfortunately the traditional view of female that is looking after the house and taking care of the family members is still deep rooted. Due to which in developing countries like Pakistan, where socio cultural and religious norms play major role in the lives of many, female desire to study and follow her dreams are nipped in the bud. Those who proceed and step out to follow their dream of career advancement has to battle a lot and even harder to prove themselves and has to keep personal and professional life balance. Majority of these women gave up in between or in other words have to sacrifice their dream of excelling in their respective fields of career, only a small percentage of working women reaches the executive suite.

Males are supposed to be the bread owners of the family. This gives them the advantage to work as much as they can, irrespective of the place. Most of the organizations are established by male members, this puts them at advantage in making the norms not only of the society but also of the organizations. Organizational culture is representative of the norms and values, which the top management practices. Today organization faces the pressure of diversity at work place and in order to accommodate this demand, organizations have to adjust with increasing number of working women at work place. In order to have competitive edge over the market organizations must understand the need of the hour to respond to woman’s career developmental needs and must pay attention to what help them succeed.

It is evident that women do not follow simple pathway during their course of career development. They always seem to be interact between their personal and professional life. This is because of their domestic responsibilities resulting in interruptions in their advancement. Fortunately, the nature of woman development is changing with the change in the world economy added with the one’s desire and choice of work.

Women progressing in career demands work life balance and gender inequality issues of work place. These issues are critical factors for women career advancement. Woman even has to face wage gap at work place for same kind of work in comparison to their male counterparts, along with fewer job promotion opportunities probably because of favoritism of head of departments as most of the organization are gender biased. At the same time social and organizational norms also exerts great influence on woman’s career development. The traditional male theory of career advancement, in which certain period of work experience is required to advance to the next stage in organizational hierarchy, females find them hard to adjust, as they do not have linear path in their work life, which is mostly affected by their domestic responsibilities. Woman’s career advancement is to great extent affected by this male theory of advancement, as a result male take the lead in power and resource than woman. Therefore, the successful career development of woman depends highly on the context in which it takes place.

Global action is the need of the hour to fill the knowledge gap of both the problems of and the solution to promote gender equality at work place, so that career progressing women can also contribute in the development of the world’s economy at their fullest.



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