Ayaz Ahmed


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

This is a project study as a degree requirement for Executive MBA (Public Sector) program. The project is about exploring the challenges in using Information Technology, especially the Content Management System in Sindh Government and the proposed solution to overcome the hindrances.

However this study is meant to identify the gaps and recommend process through which it could be assured that, Information Technology Solutions in the government, specifically Sindh Government can be implemented, used and maintained.

It identifies an over-all strategy for IT in Sindh Government. The study identifies wide gaps between, what is actually in place in the government and what are the expected required ingredients for proper IT usage. It further suggests some easy process to being embedding IT in government process and also gives the detailed requirements for a very relevant Content Management System.

Information Technology in Sindh Government can it be...

Implemented Used Maintained

The project initiated with the realization of that, in government departments, contain the green sheets with comments, recommendations and The project noting files approvals along with supporting documents. The files are often misplaced, untraced when desired, lost, difficult to search, and then their storage, archival and security is big problem for the officers and decision makers.

Similarly, if some external agency, media or someone else asks Sindh government to provide information, say for investment purpose than Sindh government officer look here and there to provide correct, authentic, updated and complete

information; A system must exist to consolidate all the information from all the districts, departments, semi autonomous, autonomous bodies process that data, remove redundancy, authenticate, randomly verify, process analytically and statistically and publish in various formats.

Reliability, completeness and correctness of above functions need improvement. The technology has the solution, which has been attempted number of times to implement and use for the last many years, yet with no significant success.

Therefore the purpose of this work eventually became to identify issues that hinder the true implementation of the automated system (Like CMS) and then propose the workable solution to those challenges, in the form of classifying the needs, their expected levels for continued and smooth IT service and then identifying the gaps.



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