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Lotte group South Korea is an international conglomerate with its business expanded in various countries across the globe. Lotte group’s chemical business division acquired the Pakistan PTA plant (Petrochemical plant) in September 2009. The PTA business is a cyclical business which has resulted in weak margins and impaired profitability during past few years. Nevertheless, Lotte has been quite eager in diversifying its business portfolio in different countries including Pakistan.

As a gesture of its eagerness in expanding the business, Lotte acquired the majority shares of Kolson foods Pakistan. This has been the first step towards entering into the confectionery market of Pakistan. This acquisition took place in the very next year of PTA business acquisition.

Lotte confectionery and food business is already well established in the home country as well as in almost all the countries of South East Asia including Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and China. Lotte group has been very successful in the confectionery and food business. The group has vast experience of running confectionery and food business including fast food chains / restaurant, it also owns franchises of some of the most famous food chains of West in South Korea.

This report emphasizes on the steps to develop the branding strategy of iOtte group in Pakistan as a successful South Korean conglomerate which is operating al over the world. These strategies are devised in order to make the name of Lotte known to the people of Pakistan. Although Lotte group acquired Pakistan PTA which is the only PTA producing plant in Pakistan, still the name of Lotte is not that famous or known amng general masses as much as other industrial players such as Engro and Fauji fertilizer. This report has been prepared on the basis of gauging the brand awareness of Lotte among the people of different walks of life in Pakistan. The SWOT analysis of the group reveals that Lotte can expand itself in the food and confectionery market in Pakistan, and with a population of 180 million, that can become the target market by appropriately establishing the brand name of Lotte.

On the basis of group’s financial strength, international strategy, historic performance and available opportunities, pros and cons of various diversification and international expansion strategies, it is recommended that Lotte should take steps and devise a branding strategy of Lotte group in Pakistan which can be achieved by actively participating in CSR activities, advertising specially in media and further diversifying its portfolio by acquiring the local brand names which are already established in their lines of businesses. This will not only have good impact on the company’s reputation but will also help in establishing the Brand name of Lotte group in Pakistani Market.



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