Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The driving force behind this project was that so many companies, working in different sectors, operating at different levels, all have resources, that remain unidentified and thus, un-utilised. The Universal Product Code (UPC), or its other name with which people are more familiar, Barcodes, is also one such resource. I have worked in different sectors and have found barcodes to be ever-present. The other thing that is noticeable about them was that not much attention was paid to them. I noticed that here lies a tool that can be of immense value to a firm, not just in "keeping a record and track’ of stock, but also in alignment, transparency, robustness of reporting and enhancement of controls.

It is great, that the Barcode has been here for a long time and has been implemented successfully in so many areas of concern. The technology has also moved forward. So many versions of it are already here. One of the main players, the QR code, developed and pushed by Google. There the Gunshot Barcodes, linear and 2D Barcodes. Then there is the emerging RFID and the under development, Thin Film ®. These are basically enhancements and improvements on the same concept. The only differences being design; thus making some, more suitable for application and implementation in certain environments. The function remains the same, storing of information in those printed lines and relaying it by means of an optical device, usually being a laser ‘Barcode Reader’.

The focus and attention this project gives to Barcodes, is because I have to keep the Pakistani business environment, the culture at organizations, and the psyche of the people in general in mind. I intend to make this research project as a starting point, by which, if Pakistani firms endeavor to become leaders in their field, then this would prove as the first stepping stone. As mentioned Barcodes have been around for a while, the technology happens to be cheap to implement and familiarity is of great value, when trying to introduce a new idea, thus bringing about change in an organization. Those people, who have tried to introduce something new to an organization's way of working, would appreciate how difficult it is. Any manner, by which this task can made easier, would be of a very high value.



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