Shoaib Aqeel


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This study will identify the most impactful motivating and demotivating factors of employees.

Xhe need of the study originated during a discussion at lecture of Strategic Human Resource Management where the major point of discussion was the role of salary/compensation as a key motivator and harassment as a most impactful de-motivator that lead the employee towards active and destructive approach of Exit. During the discussion the resource person in class has discussed and give reference of various reports and statistics of western research. During discussion it was debated that due to the cultural differences the motivators and demotivators will be different in case of Pakistan.

The ensuing discussion and debate gave me the idea to find out what was the raning of salary/compensation and what are the most impactful Motivating and Demotivating factors of employees in Pakistan.

The study has been conducted during March-Jun 2015 time frame, the target audience was the professionals of the IBA’s EMBA program. There were two stages of questionnaire 1 was open ended through which a list of motivating and demotivating factors of employees were generated and then a questionnaire was designed to find out the preference of the employees towards these factors and effort has been made to find out if there is any mathematical model be derived between preference of motivating and demotivating factors of employees from the participants responses.

Hypothesis: The first hypothesis was based on Compensation/Salary as the most important factor of motivation then secondly Harassment and Favoritism as the most de-motivating factors for the employees. Then third one is to find out if there is a relationship between employees motivation and job performance.

Demographics: the demographics character istics included age experience, gender and organizational sector.

Results: The outcome of the study reveals that the top five motivators for employees in Pakistani organizations in order of preference are Career Growth, Achievement, Workplace Climate, Work Life Balance, Authority and the most impactful Demotivating Factors are Harassment, Lack of Appreciation, Favoritism, No Development Opportunities, Lack Of Leadership. Further there is a strong agreement of the employees that motivating factors and demoting factors both have positive and negative impact on job performance respectively. The attempt of deriving a mathematical model could not be succeeded due to the lack of samples available and due to paucity of time it has been suggested a separate study may be conducted for that.



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