Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

In today’s competitive world, internet and technology have made colossal commitments for businesses throughout the world. This has given rise to E-trade, which incorporates repurchase and post purchase exercises prompting trade of items or services over internet. Today, online food delivery is a helpfiil option, giving a wide assortment of alternatives, price discounts, offers, prompt delivery and many more. Development in online food delivery system is outpacing worldwide by the selection of E-trade and expanded cell phones/tablet penetration.

Consumers are moving from customary phone based requests to internet requesting stage, as it offers wide mixture of decisions, assessments and reviews, including installment by credit card, and a more effective shopper experience.The aim and objective of the dissertation is to analyze the consumer preferences towards online food delivery services in Karachi. It will analyze the relationship between consumer’s preferences, customer perceived value, customer satisfaction and online food delivery, how consumers react differently when ordering online and what attributes are important for them. It will assess the level of satisfaction when ordering food online through other variables that include quality, service, price, discounts, website design and others.

The research report will have different chapters. Introduction and literature review chapters to be the first one, and then followed by methodology. The analysis of the research was done through correlation and linear regression model. The results showed that there exist a positive relationship between consumer preferences, customer satisfaction and online food delivery. Where else, there is a negative relationship between customer perceived value and online food delivery, because consumers view more issues when ordering online as compare to its benefits. Lastly, conclusion and recommendation was written to conclude the research.



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