Salman Uddin


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Dairy farmers are greatly motivated to reinforce their own businesses and help build and better opportunity for Pakistan. Global dairy markets offer considerable development and value creation opportunities over the next decades. Farmer's action and industry initiatives are already doing some of what needs to be done to capture these opportunities, but more can be done mainly in working for the benefit of all Pakistanis.

The strategic vision is 'SUSTAIBALE AND COMPETITIVE DAIRY FARMING' to achieve this vision dairy farming must be competitive and responsible. Defending and enhancing Pakistan dairy farming's competitive advantage is a continued effort, building on previous strategies and focusing on the key areas that make a difference to the economic performance of dairy farming.

Dairy farming must also address its responsibilities inside and outside the farm gate. A responsible dairy farming industry is one which demonstrates good stewardship of resources, acknowledges its duty of care to people and animals, and which builds a better Pakistan through the contributions of farmers.

These competitive and responsible themes are complementary and reinforce each other. An internationally competitive business underpins the outcomes necessary to benefit Pakistan, and building a reputation as a responsible industry underpins Pakistan's dairy farmings competitive advantage on the world stage. To accomplish these goals, dairy farmers and their organizations must work collaboratively together and with others.

This document few strategic objectives aligned to being competitive and responsible. Meeting these objectives will create a more sustainable future for dairy farming in Pakistan.



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