Naveed Iqbal


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Terrorism in Pakistan has attracted considerable local and global attention. This problem has prevailed to such an extent that it has become the largest reason for human suffering in the country, by claiming numerous lives of the innocent. With varying motives and using the latest weapon technology, these notorious organizations have evolved to become major sources of public security threats Internationally. It has contributed in disrupting the social, political and economic system combined. With the changing incident patterns of terrorism since its independence, and significantly by the impact of 9/11 on its political status, the country has faced deteriorating repute.

Pakistan has suffered diminishing growth rate in every sector of Its economy with prevailing terrorism. This research project intends to propose the initialization and implementation strategy of public security awareness among the masses of the nation, including the law enforcing agency, the intelligence personnel, and public security and telecommunication organizations.

A detailed background is described relating to the current snapshot of the spread of terrorism and its impact on Pakistan's economic growth, investment trends, and capital flows. Detailed statistical data representing the existing scenario of Pakistan's status according to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is illustrated, which provides a comprehensive outlook to the effects of terrorism on infrastructure, and loss of human lives over the years.

Pakistan has taken some initiative for securing public places by installing security devices such as mobile jammers, under vehicle scanners, etc. these devices and security systems have become integral installation protocol for most organizations and public places, but these measures are not enough. With the help of this research project, a more advanced project Is proposed that will ensure public security and provide knowledge of the most advanced and efficient tools, which are already being used in foreign countries. It Is essential that our country considers to invest in such projects because they form a strong basis in preserving a secure community, especially in an environment like ours.

The public security awareness program will provide in-depth knowledge about surveillance tools, understanding of cyber intelligence and structuring of huge chunks of data into understandable networks of traceable data. This can be achieved by learning to understand data packets which are continuously being transmitted through cellular technology, web browsers and the internet.

This knowledge will help in determining probable threats of terrorist attacks and associated criminal activities, possibilities of tracking their locations and deciphering multi-lingual data into a comprehensible set of information.

Research on existing knowledge of the security protocols and operating systems, along with acceptance ratio of the proposed project was carried out with the help of a well structured survey, which provided promising results.

A statistical evaluation and statement of contribution is also described, by compiling results on the survey carried out. It provides information regarding all activities and strategies that have been planned out, in a task-oriented structure, with probable deadlines for completion of the project.

Finally, reference links have been provided through which statistical data and other associated information was consulted to compile the entire research project.



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