Abid Raza


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Flavour water is an upcoming beverage diversification in the market. Many big brand names in the market now are planning to venture into relatively new product category i.e. Noncarbonated/carbonated flavored water. The purpose of this executive summary is to give you a brief snapshot of the following areas of the project which you will find in more detail in the subsequent pages of this report. The core objective of this research is to understand the dynamics of the beverage industry through primary and secondary research and use this data to analyze the market behavior for different beverages. Further, the researcher will identify an optimum target market for the launch of flavored water in Lahore and conclude this report by formulating a brand positioning strategy for the new product and present our analysis to the client. The geographical scope of this project is limited to Karachi whereas the focus of the target the market will be the people from the Socio-Economic Class A and B. The research the methodology will revolve around different tools and techniques available for both secondary and primary research. Whereas secondary research for both local and foreign beverage industry will be conducted through already available research data on the internet. Also, we will collect data from the MBA projects of previous years that are relevant to our subject matter. Based on the data from secondary research, the next part will be to establish both product and target market hypothesis which will be tested through primary research. Our primary research will start with focus groups with the hypothetical target market. We will conduct focus groups with different age sets like teenagers, housewives, professionals and graduate students all belonging to the SEC A and B. In the next phase we will further test our hypothesis and findings from focus groups through a survey questionnaire which will be conducted with a total of approximately 100 individuals. At the moment, we have finalized the questionnaire which we will use for the surveys. The survey is given in the Appendix section of this research report. In subsequent steps, we will further analyze the gathered data from the surveys to identify a target audience, their preferences and establish how they perceive the concept of flavored water. For the final report, we will conduct another round of focus group with the identified target market. The purpose of this focus group is to finalize the key attributes of the product like preferred flavors, packaging, color, SKU size, and price. This will help us to formulate the final brand feasibility strategy for the flavored water in Karachi.



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