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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This document presents the results and their analysis of the results to compare the data received from the survey. The research was conducted to measure the financial literacy by testing the'relationship between financial knowledge and financial management of the broad general people of the port city of Karachi, Pakistan.

The document includes, introduction in which I have presented the literary discussion on the financial literacy and then arrived on the definition of financial literacy for testing my hypothesis. Furthermore, the international developments in this regard are also presented.

I have given special focus on selecting a SMART sample and have analyzed the results using Chi-square 2x2 table. The detailed working and tables are annexed along. The sample, however, is partly based on demographic data available and partly on forecasting.

The Questionnaire was developed based on the workings of OECD/INFE Measuring Financial literacy questionnaire, which was further improved considering the relevant research by Mr. Sibghatullah Hussaini.

Since, the questionnaire is a bit technical, therefore coiixeulating it as an online research form would not have been appropriate for the study, therefore interviews ' were conducted in person and focus groups were arranged to collect responses. The responses for each question were analyzed individually in detail and conclusions are drawn based on the responses against each question. The hypothesis was then tested by putting values in the Chi-square table and results were calculated.

Conclusion was drawn based on the results that shows, financial knowledge is. known more bv the respondents who. are not even a part of financial management. This result is validated by Chi-square hypothesis indicating that no relationship exists between financial knowledge and financial management (on the basis of financial literacy)



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