Muhammad Asad


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Organizations continuously increases their awareness regarding work life balance policies to retain its valued workforce and adopting such actions in human resources practices that meet the work life balance. These days, work life balance policies establishing the significant part in human resource management and receiving attention from government, researchers, employee representatives and lots of organizations.

From an employee point-of-view, work life balance is to manage work and personal responsibilities and maintain a balance between these two. From an employer point-of-view, the challenges to create an environment that support employee's personal life with keep focus on their jobs. Organizations should aware about the varying requirements of employees of different ages and offer them a flexible working environment in order to retain them. Effective implementation of these strategies should reduce any work and family conflicts and it simply improves the attitude of employee towards organization. Organizations that seek to increase employee satisfaction and morale, reduce the stress and increases commitment in work, they will try to minimize work and family conflicts such as child care, stress in work etc.

Organizations in different business environment require adopting certain human resource strategies and policies that contains the work and family life needs of a diverse workforce. Every diversification may derive particular challenges for management that needs to understand and should be include in management strategies. The interest of the employee becomes more important for management to avoid potential creativity loss and commitments and to reduce employment turnover ratio.



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