Omer Asif


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The capability and performance of a sales team directly impacts the business deliverables of any sales organization. The ability of these teams to focus on the right activities and have the necessary support within the organisation, that helps them deliver their promises to the customer, can never be underemphasized. In this research, the sales force of a multinational oil marketing company is analysed to determine how these challenges are impacting the organisation, identify the problems they face, and propose actions to help the organization overcome the challenges. Research was conducted using Time Mapping and survey techniques. The data was further analysed through interviews. The research determined that in The Company, the frontline teams were overly engaged in non-core activities and lacked proper development input. Challenges were identified in the internal support to the sales force, the tools available to do their job and learning and development opportunities. Based on literature review, solutions were examined that good practices in successful companies established practices in the industry that have been tried and proven to give results in various settings. Based on the research it was determined that the organisation needs to launch a major change program to focus on the eight key gaps identified as part of the research. This change program leverages the leadership drive and change champions to bring about a focused change and continuous improvement through a six sigma approach. The recommendation was to focus on three focus areas of the eight. As part of these focus areas it was recommended to realign organisational structure and job descriptions to allow the frontline teams to be empowered and better supported. Structured Sales Coaching was recommended as the preferred medium of developing TMs and DMs skills to coach. Given the benefits of sales coaching, it is expected that just through coaching alone the organisation would be able to improve its underperforming Territory Managers by up to 19% against Targets. The other improvement areas were recommended as introduction of a CRM to automate the sales force which was currently using traditional paper based ways of working. It is expected that through these measures the organisation would be able to completely turn around the situation within the period of 12 -18 months.



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