Employee motivation in public and private sector organization of Pakistan :


Adnan Saeed


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2020

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access


Employee satisfaction | Human resource management | Organizational development

Executive Summary

The main aim of the research is to identify the different factors that are responsible for enhancing employee motivation in public sector organization of Pakistan. This study explores and explains the concept of employee motivation in public and private sector organizations, identifies the various factors that helps private and public companies in Pakistan to enhance the motivation level of employees, assessing the impact of the identifies factors ion the motivation level of the employees belonging to public and private sector of Pakistan. Methodology: This is an exploratory study based on primary data; the data has been collected through online survey, questionnaire followed by the data collected from various companies.

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