Adnan Saeed


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Motivation is one of the essential factors in development of any organization which can rapidly grow and influence the target audience, whether it is public corporation or any private organization. Motivation always remains as a fundamental subject for scholars as well as HR experts. Various theories have been produced by the HR experts to illustrate the factors related to employee's motivation in the public and private sector while majority of their work does not elaborate that how can we apply those approaches over both sectors. This is experienced that many of those researches pertain absence of application or having the private-centric approach only. Due to terrific monetary disaster, public executives require today, more and more than even past, the need is to formulate and introduce those productive approaches which can motivate the productive level of the employees and urge to get more for less.

Further, this research work formulates the guidelines that can help the public and private managers to motivate the staff effectively and efficiently. Research work was conducted by an online survey in public and private organizations, same no of organizations (public and private) have been opted for survey. All the relevant and important variables have been set and the data is measured and analyzed with zeal and zest. 150 respondents were surveyed through online survey, in which the age group comprises from 18 years old to above 55 years old.

The research work includes the literature survey of some public as well as private sector organizations. The purpose to include the literature review beyond country is to validate the responses and have a glance over the comparison between them. The thesis found out that there are different factors of motivation; all of them carry different responses on the basis of which the results have been formulated. This research paper also illustrates the common conviction that as compared to the counterparts, the public managers are not having sufficient tools to promote their subordinates due to inflexible and rigid civil service procedures. (SOP - Standard Operating Procedures). Thus this research work may surely assist to the public and private managers to motivate their employees. Moreover, it would be beneficiary for their own selves; it will guide the public manager's own motivational elements and strategy which would be carrying fruitful results for the organizations and subordinates as well.



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