Mujahid Butt


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Vegetables are an important part of human food, provide proteins, minerals and vitamins. Along with the nutrition, vegetables are an integral component of the cropping pattern of small land holders due to higher returns and yield potential.

Globally daily per capital recommended quantity of vegetables is 285G while in Pakistan, rapid increase in population, land degradation, water scarcity and farmer’s preference of cash crops cultivation has resulted in steep reduction of production of vegetables. Reduction in production has resulted in increase of prices and reduction of per capital consumption both.

Now due to Increase of economic value of vegetables cultivation, the farmers are using fertilizers and pesticides to get maximum and off season production of vegetables. These fertilizers and pesticides are resulting in the form of diseases in the consumers and awareness is Increasing day by day to use the vegetables grown organically without the usage of fertilizers and pesticides.

The project “Business plan for launching of pure. Sale of farm vegetables direct to the consumer’’ was assigned to outline a detailed business plan by finding the customers feeling and preferences. The secondary and primary research was conducted to find out the exact requirement of the consumers so that a comprehensive business plan can be made to launch these vegetables. 70 respondents were interviewed, questionnaire filled, conclusion was drawn and recommendation finalized. The recommendations of the primary research were:

- The people desire to eat organic/fresh-from-farm vegetables

- The people like to have some selective vegetables

- Pricing should be maximum 58% higher than the normal inorganic vegetables.

Based on the recommendations, a comprehensive business plan is devised. The business plan covers market assessment, marketing plan (Product, Place, Price, Promotion & People) financial feasibility and longer term view of the project. Edge in this idea is to provide organic vegetables to the consumers fresh from the nearby vegetables farms as fresh-from-farm (fff-vegetables).

To demonstrate the project findings, a hypothetical company is formed and registered. Conclusion of all the study tells that there is a vast scope of starting this business, as customer is much inclined toward these types of products. And at the same time, it is a very feasible project for a small landholding farmer to maximize his profitability.



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